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Mic Pop Filters | Eliminating Plosives

As you travel down the rabbit hole of how to make your music sound like the pros, you’re going to want to take a look at some mic pop filters for your studio. In

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by Tim | 10:44 pm

Reaper DAW Review | Would You Use It?

Among some of the greatest recording programs we’ve ever used are mentioned time and time again so we get very used to hearing about them. But what about the other DAW programs that are

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by Tim | 2:22 am

Pro Tools Review | Is It Worth It?

When talking about professional music making, recording, digital audio workstations, or anything in that nature you can’t not mention the powerhouse of a software being the legendary Pro Tools. If you haven’t used it

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Low Pass vs High Pass Filter | Basics

Previously, I wrote an article on the basics of how to use and equalizer. Without getting too in depth about the science of audio, today I’ll be sharing some details about low pass and

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Producers Choice Sound Blanket | Review

Recording audio in an untreated acoustic environment is like cooking food in a filthy kitchen; yes the food will get cooked the way you want it to, and it may even taste decent, but

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Best Cheap Mic Preamp | Amplification

Speaking from a musician’s standpoint, creativity is everything and nothing can define me as a musician. However speaking as an audio/recording engineer, the hardware and software you purchase for your home studio can be

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How To Record In Audacity | The Basics

Now I’m just speaking from experience when I say that being in the music business is expensive. If you purchase all your studio equipment first, there’s still recording software you need to worry about,

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Top Home Studio Monitors | Pro Sound

Diving into another very important aspect of putting together the perfect home studio is choosing the right monitors (speakers). The reason why I’m dedicating an entire article on choosing the right studio monitors is

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Presonus Studio One 4 Review | Updates

Here’s a DAW that I’ve had my eye on for quite a while since I’ve heard a lot of great things about it. Today we’ll be evaluating and reviewing Presonus Studio One 4 as

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Professional Studio Microphones

Most music listeners value quality in a song, and that includes vocals. The dilemma is that coming up with quality vocals for a song is not always easy on your life… or your wallet.

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