by Tim | 6:40 am

How To Master A Song In FL Studio | Introduction To Mastering

As I’ve mentioned in the past, the mastering process is usually very similar across all software. The final destination of a song is to have it sounding as commercially professional as the songs recorded

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by Tim | 6:25 pm

How To Compress Vocals | Compression 101

Getting right down to the basics, I’d like to talk about a very important step in the mixing process and that’s compression. This article is more for beginners who are just learning what all

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by Tim | 8:14 pm

How To Record A Guitar On A Computer | Acoustic & Electric

I’ve received a couple comments on a recent post about some people not knowing how to record a guitar on a computer. Since this is the Home Studio Nation community, I am here to

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by Tim | 12:54 am

How To Master A Song In Ableton | The In’s and Out’s Of Mastering

There’s so much software out there to keep track of isn’t there? When it comes to mixing a song, there’s a lot of different options to go with as far as stock and third

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by Tim | 9:55 pm

Audio Equalizer Software | Improving Your EQ Technique & Sound

One of the most essential aspects of creating a quality song mix is equalization. Every mixing engineer has their different procedures and steps of creating a great mix, but mine always starts with EQ

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