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Top Home Studio Monitors | Get The Sound Your Studio Deserves

Diving into another very important aspect of putting together the perfect home studio is choosing the right monitors (speakers). The reason why I’m dedicating an entire article on choosing the right studio monitors is

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Professional Studio Microphones | The Best In The Game

Most music listeners value quality in a song, and that includes vocals. The dilemma is that coming up with quality vocals for a song is not always easy on your life… or your wallet.

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Top Ten Studio Headphones | Quality Is Key

I’ve had my fair share of extremely low quality headphones to use while in the studio and I know plenty of you have too. There’s nothing worse than trying your hardest to listen to

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How To Set Up A Home Recording Studio | From A To Z

I’ve ran across a few different people who are very interested in recording music but haven’t had the chance to do so. A lot of the time that is the case, but it’s also

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Studio Soundproofing

Although sticking egg cartons all around the wall of your home studio can improve the sound quality of your recording, it might be a good idea to look into some better alternatives. And yes,

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