Hey everybody,

My name is Tim Martin and I’m the creator of this website. Although many of you may or may not be a beginner in the world of recording and producing audio and music, I still felt the need to start from the beginning to properly lead you down the path of Home Studio Nation.

I’ll be letting you know the ins and outs of Home Studio Nation and why we do what we do. There’s always room for extra knowledge and education, even for those who are more advanced in the audio engineering field it never hurts to learn new things even if it’s the tiniest tweak to your regular procedures.

Getting To Know Me

It’s been incredible to have been involved in recording music and audio for about 8 years. I started as an ordinary musician with a passion to be heard. It’s been incredible to have been an independent and also a signed music artist and It’s been incredible to have got to say, I’d much rather be independent for the sake of having full control of my sound. It’s been incredible to have always wanted to have the skill to mix and master my own music, but after having no control it really inspired me to pursue it professionally. Making my own music is something I love, but I also love to pay it forward to those who want to learn the same thing.

I’m currently in the process of receiving my very own audio engineering certification to be able to pursue many opportunities in the audio industry. It’s really just something I enjoy doing and never cease to learn more.

Everyone Needs Help Their First Time Around

I remember my first time recording being in an old acquaintance’s garage (it was actually his grandmother’s garage) using a microphone that was meant for the video game Guitar Hero. The computer we used was so old it felt like it might have been one of the first laptop models created. We had absolutely no idea what to do with the new-found gear we had at the time (which was only a laptop and a mic). My only focus was to make music that sounded good to an audience.

Unfortunately, having the desire to make great sounding music doesn’t mean it’s going to actually happen that moment. I had so many frustrations trying to figure out some “secret” that the pros must’ve had to make their songs sound so perfect. Trial and error lead me to where I am now and I want to help those who are in that same position.

A Skill That Lasts Forever

One of my favorite things to think about when I think of audio engineering is that once the basics are learned, the skills will last a lifetime. We live in a time when technology changes so fast that your head might spin if you’re not paying attention to the updates. No matter how much audio technology changes into a futuristic style of hardware and software, the engineer who knows the basics can make the necessary adjustments to get up to speed. So when the next version of Studio One or Pro Tools is released, audio engineers with the correct amount of knowledge of the fundamentals will always prevail.

Think for a second why the world’s most popular music producers are still thriving in their business ten, twenty, or even thirty years after entering the industry. Technology changes, but the foundation never does which is why it’s never too late to learn how a recording studio should function or how to even press the record button at the start and stop of a recording session.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Andy McIntyre

Learning From One Another

Everyone knows something that the next person does not. I know there’s plenty of expert engineers out there that I can learn from so our goal is to make a community of people that share their experiences with one another so we can all learn.

There are way too many training videos out there that either make viewers feel like they should copy their procedure or the simple fact that they are teaching the wrong things. My goal is to eliminate all false teachings and talk about the fundamentals of home recording.

The community we have here at Home Studio Nation is meant to be trustworthy and reliable for whoever is trying to improve their production skills.

Where To Go Next

Follow me to the next phase which is to get educated on the basics of setting up your own studio at home from beginning to finish. I hope you find value in learning how to record as it can provide a very lucrative business and career.



Would your website be useful to people wanting to learn how to record videos? I am not a musician but I do want to learn how to make quality videos with great sound for my websites. It seems quite complex although I know it should be because it seems like everyone is doing it. I starting investigating and people were recommending recording your voice separately to the video, which seems unnecessarily complex. We have a small video camera with a microphone but I see that some people who record video have quite large microphones. What kind of microphone would you recommend for someone like me wanting to start out recording videos?

Jan 13.2020 | 07:03 pm


    Thank your for your comment Deb!

    To answer your first question, no, this website is specifically for those wanting to learn audio and music production although there are a few programs mentioned here that have the capability to edit videos that have already been recorded. It does seem quite complex when you take a first look at it, I have to agree. Recording vocals separate from what’s captured on video requires some time invested in learning how and also executing the process.

    To answer your second question, I’d recommend starting out with a Blue Yeti USB microphone which are pretty inexpensive for the quality of sound it records at. It’s great for podcasts, recording audio for videos, and also recording music.

    Jan 13.2020 | 07:22 pm


Hello Tim, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I always wanted to learn how to produce quality audio recording but honestly, I could not stumble upon some quality guide or training. I am glad I stumbled upon your article because you explained everything in detail. I can’t wait to read more of you!

Jan 13.2020 | 07:03 pm


    Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed it. There are plenty of blog posts available for your reading and learning pleasure to help get you started. Before jumping into recording, I would suggest learning how to set up your recording space properly.

    How To Set Up A Home Recording Studio From A to Z

    Jan 13.2020 | 07:15 pm


Hi there.Thanks for the article.To be honest with you i do not have that much knowledge on this,but from what you have written it seems like anyone can do it.is never late to learn no matter the amount is so true.This seems like something i would not mind learning about.

Jan 13.2020 | 07:13 pm


    It’s a very interesting subject to learn about. If you love music, you might take interest in the way it is made and the science behind how it’s made. There are plenty of blog posts within the Home Studio Nation website that walk you through the hows and whys.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Jan 14.2020 | 05:07 pm


Perhaps the most common need for a musician is to quickly and easily record their music idea or record demos, well, what not, and the whole album. Today, it is possible for a reasonable amount of money to secure devices and imagine that you can record your own guitar, vocals, keyboard or any other instrument, and record music in a very simple way. You started from scratch and have now succeeded. Thanks for this great post.

Jan 13.2020 | 07:16 pm


    Absolutely. In today’s world it’s gotten a lot easier and a lot more intuitive to record instruments and vocals being that it’s becoming more and more virtual. It’s crazy how at one point you needed a full band or orchestra to be able to record all those instruments and now all you really need is a computer and a computer or laptop keyboard to create musical sounds.

    Jan 13.2020 | 07:27 pm


Hi Tim,

Thanks for this motivating intro. I really like this quote by– Andy McIntyre “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” That being said, on a more substantial ”note” I have been playing around with some techno music software that allows me to create tracks with prerecorded samples. I am not a musician and I don’t own any instruments at all, let alone any recording device but, I have looked through your site and found some good information, reviews on products and I appreciated your guide on how to record in Audacity, which I am using to edit, record and make samples for my tracks. Nice work on your website and you have written good content for pro musicians.

Jan 13.2020 | 07:29 pm


    I appreciate your comment!

    And yes, Audacity is a great tool for recording and editing audio. I’ve recently been playing around with music samples myself. I’d love to hear some of the techno music you’ve worked on. I’m glad the site has been helpful. Thanks for reading.

    Jan 13.2020 | 08:10 pm


Hiya Tim

Thank you for your interesting article about home studio nation. Your love of music shines through and I agree it’s important to retain control of your sound. I don’t know anything about the music industry but I do love music. The right sound is everything or no matter how good the song is it won’t work.  

I have bookmarked your site for future reference in case I need more information about how to set up a home studio which you certainly provide. Thank you for a well researched, personal read, krs PurpleLioness 

Jan 14.2020 | 07:35 am



    I’m glad you decided to bookmark our site, thank you! And yes retaining control is very important with music production since our goal is to manipulate sound to do what we want which is to please the listener.

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

    Jan 14.2020 | 05:01 pm

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