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MAGIX Innovation that Inspires True Creative Freedom

If you’ve ever ran across this music production software called MAGIX and wondered if you’d benefit from its features and quality versus what you’re already using to make music, I’d give this article a read. I’ve used many DAWs from Logic Pro to Pro Tools and more, but when I read up on what MAGIX can do, I was highly impressed.

I first ran across MAGIX Music Maker online while searching for free recording software. Come to find out, an engineer I recently met uses MAGIX in his professional recording studio and I had no idea that’s what he was recording my vocals with. I asked a lot of questions about it and he had nothing but good things to say which kind of sparked my interest.

Just because a DAW is free, does not mean it is not capable of great things. Other than the recording session we had, it took less than an hour for him to mix and master the song we recorded since it’s so simple to use! If I end up switching, it’ll be for the simplicity of the workstation because the quality is there already… Definitely something to think about.

Mixing & Mastering

Mix, adjust, and save your audio effects as a preset, and repeat! This is just one way to get the job done if you don’t want to search for the same effects over and over. Technically this can be done in any program, just easier in MAGIX.

I wouldn’t recommend mastering within the free or basic versions of Music Maker since you don’t get as many of the necessary effects and plug-ins as you would in the premium edition or MAGIX Samplitude which I’ll get into in another article. Although I’m sure many will agree that you can’t have a perfectly mixed and mastered song using only 8 tracks and 8 effects when premium has 30 effects and a mastering package.

Using Music Maker’s “Mastering Suite”, you’re able to choose what sounds best from the effect rack and also sample the auto mastering presets that can give you a sense of direction or maybe even a fully mastered song.

Simplicity Goes A Long Way

Speaking from experience, a lot of the more popular DAWs out there are three things that I’m not very fond of: difficult to use, time consuming, and expensive. If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend an hour figuring out where a certain plug-in went, and you definitely don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to to be creative.

As I mentioned before in mixing and mastering, you’re able to choose auto mastering presets which make the process so much easier. I’ve spend days trying to master music in a new software so I know what that frustration feels like and it’s not fun.

You’re even able to switch your panel to easy mode if you’re not too familiar. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

MIDI, Instruments, & Plug-ins

With the free version of MAGIX you get 425 loops and sounds, 8 tracks, and 8 effects automatically.
MAGIX Software It may not seem like that many to some, but I did say the “free version”. Of course if you decide to upgrade to the Music Maker Plus, Live, or Premium edition you’re looking at 5 to 8,000 loops and sounds, and much more.

Another pro you get from the free version is the audio effects that are available. So you have your basic compressor, equalizer, limiter, etc. that are essential for mixing vocals.

Other cool features include a free Vandal SE guitar amplifier which is needed for professional sounding guitar recording. You also get cool instruments to mess around with like the Urban Drums, Analog Synths, and Orchestral Ensemble which can make for amazing music projects.

High Quality Results

Unlike in prior versions, you are now able to use the new .wav option under “Soundpool format” which gives you the best quality rather than mp3 or ogg.

Of course the best way to know if something is good or not is to try it for yourself so when I mention MAGIX Music Maker’s new pro audio sound engine, real multi core performance, and premium effects, they are all things to be evaluated within your own experience with the DAW. All these features relate to quality in aspects like the way your computer runs while using a lot of instruments and sounds at once, and also the engine which is used by professionals.

MAGIX Is For Creativity

Letting your creative moments generously flow throughout your home studio is the best way to make music. I love plenty of different software that are available to new and experienced producers, although the easier to use something, the better my experience will be and so will yours.

Thank you for reading and I hope I have answered some questions throughout this article. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback go ahead and drop it below and I’ll answer as soon as I can. Now go make some magic!


Sujandar Mahesan

MAGIX Music Maker sounds really awesome. To be honest I never knew that something like this existed. This article had everything I needed to know about MAGIX Music Maker. I learned how efficient MAGIX Music is in mixing and also for high quality results.

Thank you so much for sharing this article.

Jan 12.2019 | 03:51 am


    Thank you for your feedback! And yes MAGIX is an awesome program. Great for experienced engineers and beginners. A lot of people have never heard of it due to the popularity of other famous software, but it’s actually quite amazing, especially for the price that it’s sold. 

    Jan 12.2019 | 03:57 am

Dave M.

This is a very interesting article on Magix Music maker.  I have not done a lot of mixing, but I think I would prefer to use the pro version because it seems like there’s an awful lot of the additional features that would really make the software a dream to work with. Do you do a lot of home studio recording and mixing? Do you create your own music or do you also work with other artists?

Jan 12.2019 | 03:54 am


    Thank you for your comment Dave! You are absolutely right. The premium version has many more advantages than the free one as well as the ones in between. The free version is ideal for getting some insight on how it works like navigating through the workstation.

    I do the majority of my mixing and mastering from my own home studio which will soon be upgraded. Being a music artist, I love working with other musicians in a larger scale professional studio which is I have my songs mixed/mastered by the engineer that works there. I write lyrics, rap, sing, produce beats, mix, and master music. All of the above and more are a passion of mine.

    Jan 12.2019 | 04:04 am


I’ve been using GarageBand on my Mac for a while now, and am looking to move to something with some more features.  Do you know if Magix provides a version of Music Maker for the Mac?  

If not, any thoughts on how GarageBand and Music Maker compare?  It might be worth dusting off one of my PCs (or buying a new one) if it means I can get more features.

It’s pretty impressive that for under $80 I could get the Premium edition with tons of loops and tools.  So tempting!

Anyway, thanks to turning me on to Music Maker.  At the very least I need to download the free version and see how it compares.  Thanks!

Jan 12.2019 | 03:58 am


    Thanks for commenting! Unfortunately all MAGIX software is only compatible with PC, although there are a few great alternatives for Mac users. I currently use GarageBand for small tasks and ideas for beats and melodies. GarageBand is a good program to use for smaller projects. Of course I’m speaking from my experience. Not too sure if it provides a wide range of plug-ins like Music Maker does.

    I think the two programs correlate in terms of their simplicity though. That might be biggest connection between the two. But Music Maker is definitely worth a trial while comparing others to see which software is right for you.

    Jan 12.2019 | 04:17 am

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