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With all the excitement that’s been going on about the different beat-making software being sold at major retailers, many people are overlooking one small, yet huge aspect entirely: doing research.

The reason being there are plenty of programs online that allow you to make beats, that you own, entirely free. This may or may not blow your mind but it’s 100% true, which is why I decided to dedicate an entire article on the different beat production software options available to anyone who has a computer.

I’ve took the time to give an overview of my discovery of the top 20 ( not in order) most valuable softwares online for making beats that are great alternatives to major industry standard programs like Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Logic.

So put that wallet away and let’s make your own beats free.

MAGIX Music Maker

Giving you a great head start as a beginner, the free version of MAGIX gives you 8 tracks to record vocals or instruments on. Also, it provides you with 8 different types of effects, 3 different instruments, and 425 samples and loops. To me, this is a must-have for a beginner in the field of audio recording and production on either Mac or PC computers.

More information on Magix Music Maker

FL Studio

The free version of FL Studio, which can be used on Mac or PC as well, has an unlimited amount of time to use. Although it’s only limited to having mp3 formatted projects, and may take a while to learn for beginners, it’s still a heavily valued DAW  (digital audio workstation) program to use to create music.

More information on FL Studio


This amazing and user friendly production software makes it so easy to make some extremely unique and captivating instrumentals for your songs. Hydrogen will allow you to create 16 different samples per instrument, and also a standard sample editor. This DAW is available within Mac, Windows, and Linux.

More information on Hydrogen


Containing over 2 million samples and loops to use in this user friendly program, Splice offers kits from some of the top DJ’s and producers in the industry. Although only free for 14 days, what you get with the Splice system is a very large variety of features to use for only $8.99 a month.

More information on Splice


Although only available for Mac and other Apple branded devices, this is a very easy and great program for beginners. With its simple drag-and-drop functionality with certain sounds, wide variety of instruments and sounds, and the basic plugins many songs need to design a captivating song, this software is something to have. Especially since the price is well… free.

More information on GarageBand


This one is a professional music notation software which can be used by many beginners wanting to compose music. Its very intuitive and simplistic features allow for outstanding music creation.

More information on Musescore


This incredible drum sequencer has a built-in drum setup editor that can be exported in various formats right into your MIDI editor. This program can be used with either Mac or PC.

More information on Drumflow


This digital audio workstation is one of the best options for creating beats and using drum kits. Given the software’s simple exporting and alteration of settings comes in handy while making your way around the program. Make top beats without the stress while on PC, Mac, or Linux.

More information on OrDrumbox


Here is another easy-to-use program with its interface and functionality made for simplicity. Given its built-in synthesizer and wide range of sample tracks and instruments, it’s one of the best in the free production software category. I strongly recommend LMMS as an option on this list being able to be used on Mac or PC.

More information on LMMS

HammerHead Rhythm Station

Primarily used to create House and Techno type music, this one comes with 29 built-in drum sounds, 6 channels, and the capability to upload 6 of your very own samples. You’ll find many 909-styled drums with the ability to save your patterns to CD quality WAV files within HammerHead.

More information on HammerHead Rhythm Station

Musink Lite

Are you a music composer who thrives with sheet music creation? Well go ahead and download this fantastic software which allows you to control basic function shortcuts from your keyboard. You’re able to export projects as MIDI using different file formats also. I haven’t tried this one yet, but it’s on my to-do list.

More information on Musink Lite


This software is used primarily for hip hop and rap beats since the majority of drum kits reflect those genres of music. Sampulator is your very free beat pad that allows you to press the “shift” key and begin making your monstrous hip hop instrumentals.

More information on Sampulator

Rhythm Composer 10-808

This extremely unique program is 100% online. If you’re new to the 808 platform, be sure to go through the tutorials when you get stuck somewhere. With its fascinating Roland TR-808 emulator, anyone with a computer and internet connection can take full advantage to make some beats for free.

More information on Rhythm Composer iO-808

Launchpad Arcade

No computer? No problem. Anyone can access this beat making software right from their Apple or Android device. Remix songs right in your web browser and learn the basics of loops and samples. Personally, I’m a big fan of creating beats while on the go, which is why this one is on my list as well.

More information on Launchpad Arcade


This incredible powerhouse of a DAW is specifically for the DJ’s of the world. With its BPM, key detection and sync, DJ controller support, effects, and vinyl record control, it has everything a DJ needs as a beginner and those who are experienced.

More information on Mixxx


Within this web based drum machine, you get simplicity, intuitiveness, and efficiency all in one place with the compatibility of all major internet browsers. Drumbit is available through the Google Chrome App and the Chrome webstore as well. Several drum set options are available for use and can be imported directly into your DAW for recording.

More information on Drumbit

Drum Machine

Similar to Drumbit, Drum Machine is an online and app based drum studio. This program is extremely simple to use, possessing a user friendly and push button grid to add all your favorite drum sounds to create the ultimate patterns for your projects.

More information on Drum Machine


This program alone takes the place of analog or digital tape systems, which is basically vinyl, tape, and samples thereof. The different plug-ins that are included are fully sampled and automated accurately for the best experience possible. I most definitely recommend this DAW as an alternative to others like Pro Tools and Logic Pro.

More information on Ardour

Darkwave Studio

Although this program is only available with Windows computers, with Darkwave Studio you get the full package. You’ll receive fully expandable instrument plug-in capability that has no limits. You’ll find this one very appealing since every producer likes for this to work quickly and efficiently which is why Darkwave’s low latency ASIO definitely serves its purpose.

More information on Darkwave Studio


This DAW software provides an unlimited number of tracks per session as well as overlapping clips each track created. Supporting audio files such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, etc., this program has everything you need to make beats with in the Linux platform.

More information on Qtractor

Producer’s Paradise

As a music producer, I think I can speak for us all when I say that we need options and plenty of them. Whether it be within your digital audio workstation, or the DAW itself. Trial and error is key to finding the best software that works for you.

Take a look at all 20 platforms for making beats, do plenty of research and trial periods, and let me know in the comments which ones your find most useful, or not useful, in your production process. I haven’t tried all of these yet, by I’m on my way to seeing which programs best suit my music production needs for free.

Have fun and happy beat-making!


laurie d taylor

Hello there ! Looks Like a lot of fun! I will have to try that down the road
Would be a fun hobby!
Thank you for sharing

Nov 15.2018 | 03:16 pm


    Thank you Laurie. And yes, it is so much fun! I can’t tell you how sidetracked I was while writing this. These are great tools for music but also very entertaining!

    Nov 15.2018 | 06:56 pm

Lee Ann

This information was just what I was looking for. My son loves to come up with his own beats.
I never knew that there were this many Daw programs that were free. This is awesome for those who are just starting out and like you said, the price, well, it’s free. This allows you to really find your own way and figure out what works best for you. Then you will know where to start when you do have money to put into it.
I am definitely going to share this information with him.
Thank you for the great detail you have put into this. It saved me a ton of work.

Nov 15.2018 | 04:02 pm


    I’m so glad that this was helpful for you. There’s so many options, even ones I did not include, to make beats and to learn from. I think it’s a great way to warm up to the beat-making process if you’re a beginner and also learn a whole lot from what these all have to offer.
    Thank you for your feedback!

    Nov 15.2018 | 07:03 pm


Awesome information OMG so glad to know this and right before Christmas. That help my Christmas budget out. So I am book marking this information. Oh, I feel like singing jingle bells or something thanks for your hard work in researching. Great article.

Nov 15.2018 | 08:16 pm


    It’s my pleasure. It’s always a great gift to be able to save some money, especially during the holidays. Glad you enjoyed.

    Thank you,

    – Tim

    Nov 15.2018 | 08:23 pm

Devara Garrison

Wow! It’s amazing what’s available for free! Anymore, that’s a big surprise. Almost everything comes with a price tag these days. This is a lot of great information.
I have a friend who would love to know about all of these tools for beats. I don’t think he knows there are so many that are free. He usually pays for his software. I’ll be sure to share this post with him. Do you have any tutorials explaining how to use them? I may be interested in the Magix Music Maker that you said was good for beginners to start with. I’m a little slow at figuring things out though, so I thought a “How To” guide would help.

Nov 16.2018 | 02:23 am


    I used to think the same exact thing until I ran across these great programs. All the ones I’ve heard of had a high price tag until I did some research. I will being adding “how to” YouTube links very soon for each software shown so every DAW has a video walk through. And by the way, Magix Music Maker is a great option to start with. If you end up trying it out let me about your experience.

    I’m glad you enjoyed! Have a great day!

    – Tim

    Nov 16.2018 | 08:31 am

      Devara Garrison

      Sounds like you have a great plan! YouTube is a good way to get more traffic to your site as well. People look up tutorials all the time on YouTube. It’s pretty simple to do too!
      I’ll let you know what I think about the Magix Music Maker when I check it out.
      Thanks for getting back to me so fast.
      Have a great day!

      Nov 16.2018 | 09:11 am

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