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Here’s a DAW that I’ve had my eye on for quite a while since I’ve heard a lot of great things about it. Today we’ll be evaluating and reviewing Presonus Studio One 4 as an entire software. For those who don’t know, Presonus Studio One is a very popular and innovative program that has had much success with its past versions of Studio One.

I hear a lot of mixing engineers and music production teachers say that Studio One is ideal for those who are just beginning as well as those who are experienced. Out of a lot of the programs out there, this is one of the most user-friendly ones for a number of reasons that I’ll be going over.

This software has a plethora of new features compared to the previous versions. Features include sampling within Sample One XT, Impact XT, Drum Editor, Chord Selector, etc. There’s literally so much you can do within this program, but I’ll take you through a portion of some of the new and improved functions.

Keep in mind, there are three different editions of Studio One 4 which include Studio One 4 Prime, Studio One 4 Artist, and Studio One 4 Professional. Studio One 4 Prime, which is the free and most basic version of the software has everything you need to get started. Not to mention the intuitive functionality within it.

Studio One 4 Artist edition has a lot of added features compare to the Prime edition. The Professional version comes with everything you need to record like a pro, although I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a fully equipped studio setup to compliment the DAW as well. You can view the version and price comparison on the Presonus website.

Sample One XT

One of the new super exciting things that have been added to this program are the sampling capabilities within the Sample One XT plug-in. This is the ultimate sampling plug-in that lets you get down to editing every detail of each sample you create or input into the plug-in. Everything down to the modulation, reverb, chorus, EQ, delay, etc. to give it the sound you’re looking for.

Another great feature is the time stretching capability so your samples match the tempo of your choice in real-time. In essence, you’re able to capture or create a sample and slice it automatically, add effects and variations, toy with the time envelopes, and so on.

Sample One XT is really something to just play around with and get your creative juices flowing until you no longer can.

Instrument Recording

Now moving on to recording different instruments within Studio One 4, the features that are provided define innovation. It’s amazing how you’re able to record some basic chords with a guitar, piano, or whatever instrument you prefer, and use the Chord Selector to transpose the key you’re in.

So if I just finished recording a chord I played in G7, I can easily switch it to F7 with ease. It makes it so easy to change the key in which an instrument is played rather than having to highlight a section of a song and figure out how to transpose it to a different key which can take while if it’s your first time.

Importing Capability

Never have I experienced a DAW that’s able to import audio data with such ease. With Studio One 4’s new AAF support, you’re able to import and export audio to and from other DAW’s which is ideal if you’re working with other artists that don’t have Studio One.

Import and export multiple tracks into Melodyne, a sound design tool within the software, and make changes concurrently as well.

Not only can you use the variations available within the Presonus Studio One 4 DAW, you’re able to connect external MIDI instruments like keyboards and MPC’s. At this point I’m not sure what this software cannot do!

Impact XT

Formerly known as Impact, the Studio One 4 now has an upgraded version called Impact XT which is a pad for different sounds, instruments, and drums. Its simplicity is amazing since it’s adaptable to the recordings you’ve already got within your session. Simply click on a recording to open up a menu and send the audio to Impact XT within seconds, and you’re able to set it to which pad you want. Easy as cake.

I don’t know about you, but the less time I spend scratching my head trying to figure out how to do something and the more time I spend on actually doing it leaves so much more time for creativity. Well that is the main reason we’re here right? To create the kind of music we want. I like advanced functionality and all but nothing beats simplicity.

Time To Hit The Studio!

All in all, Presonus Studio One version 4 is an excellent upgrade from its previous versions and as an overall software. The speed and efficiency when maneuvering from window to window, and even from plug-in to plug-in is unmatched. Go ahead and do some extra research before you decide that this is the software for you but there aren’t any flaws that I’ve ran int at this point which is outstanding to me.

Well that’s all for this Studio One 4 evaluation and review. I hope I’ve been of some assistance to those who were wondering how this new version functions and if it’s worth spending the money. In my humble opinion it definitely is, which is why it is my new DAW of choice. If you have any questions or feedback, be sure to leave it below in the comment section and I’ll respond in a timely manner.

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