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Diving into another very important aspect of putting together the perfect home studio is choosing the right monitors (speakers). The reason why I’m dedicating an entire article on choosing the right studio monitors is due to the fact that too many music artists only want what’s cheap and not necessarily good quality.

Studio monitors play a very important role in all recording studios. If you don’t have quality speakers you may experience lack luster or even missing frequencies while listening to your mixes. The last thing any music artist wants is a poor sounding song for people to listen to.

If you’re using cheap monitors during the mixing and mastering process, and then the final song is played on high end monitors, even the smallest flaw will be highly noticed.

But enough small talk… time to dive into some of the top home studio monitors of today.

Adam Audio A7X

These are arguably the top studio monitors within this list. With its crystal clear playback, 7 inch woofer, and X-ART tweeter, these give you that great low end bass, mid range, and high end detailed sound. The X-ART tweeter provides an extended frequency response and maximum pressure sound pressure levels.

If you’re considering getting the A7X monitors, I suggest you have a fully loaded studio. By that I mean properly soundproofed, which I cover in a previous guide, as well as proper placement and a great studio mic for the best results. You wouldn’t want to spend this much ($740 per monitor) on such a high performance speaker with other low grade equipment.

Although expensive, it’s highly deserving to be on this list. Not to mention these very monitors have been used by multiple legendary industry professionals.

Neumann KH 120-A

Coming from one of the leading microphone brands out there, the Neumann KH 120-A studio monitor speakers can be used as a near-field or rear loudspeakers. Some of its features include low distortion and high frequency reproduction, also with its durable and compressed build it minimizes resonance which can get in the way of your mix sounding as good as you would like.

Sitting at the price of $647 on Amazon, these are worth every penny if it’s within your spending limit. Of course I’d suggest lower priced monitors for beginners, and there are a few of those here.

Here’s another speaker consisting of high end clarity and a great low end sound. All in all, a great piece of equipment that would compliment your home studio magnificently.

Yamaha HS8

Replacing the industry standard, although discontinued Yamaha NS-10, the Yamaha HS8’s are known for their precise and accurate reference which make them perfect for mixing music.

These provide a low resonant design for accurate playback and innovative noise reduction technology. I’d also recommend the Yamaha HS5 studio monitors which are just miniature models of the HS8’s.

The price for these great speakers are $349 on Amazon.


As expected, the KRK Rokit speakers are on the list. These are amazing if you’re seeking emphasis on the bass within your songs. These can be used by beginners or pros, although some beginners may notice that their mix sounds a little different while being played on a different set of speakers since the sound response is not as flat, but overtime once your ears are trained to use these properly, you’ll be in good shape.

Priced at only $299 on Amazon, these monitors from the Rokit series provides a sort of V-shaped sound style that emphasizes low and high end compared to others.

Overall, I highly recommend these studio monitors to anyone just starting out that’s looking for some lower priced quality speakers.

Avantone Pro Active MixCube

I would not recommend these at all as your primary monitors. The Avantone Pro Active MixCubes are specifically used for referencing your audio. These speakers took the place of the classic Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube which were the industry standard monitors for referencing in low-fi.

You may want to have a set of monitors to reference from since audio usually always sounds great on high end speakers, but you won’t get the same sound from a mono producing speaker. For example, mobile devices which play audio in mono.

Although sold as a single monitor at the price of $249 on Amazon’s website, it’s definitely worth the cash to assist you in getting your song radio ready.

Go Turn Up The Volume

Time to put your choice of speakers to the ultimate test… Your home studio!

I’d love to hear your feedback and experiences with the monitor of your choice and how it compliments your studio’s quality. I hope I was able to help out with any confusion as to which are the best studio monitors in the game. Be sure to leave a comment or question down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Now go turn up the volume…just not too loud.

Thanks for reading.


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